What Do Students Say They Need?

By Tonya Anderson

Years ago, I was substituting for a class at a local high school and we had a conversation about education and what was needed in our schools. I asked the students, “If you could purchase anything for your school what would you buy?” These are two of my favorite answers:

“I would buy more classes of history and our languages. I would buy classes for manners, respect, compassion and thankfulness, along with leadership. I would buy truth for everyone, if I could. I would even buy everyone freedom, if I only could.  I wish I could do all of that. But actually, if you think about it, we don’t need any of it but the freedom. The freedom, we need.”


“I would buy classes so people could learn about peace, leadership and real friendship, where friends can work through problems.  Also I would like to pay for people to teach us about peer pressure. Because you see everybody today getting killed because of other people talking them into doing something bad. But really if you think about it our school doesn’t need anything, because a lot of schools don’t even have school supplies, they might not even have a building. So we’re lucky. Actually, we’re probably the luckiest school on the planet.”

It is the intention of Exquisite Life Academy to give the students what they need through our upcoming  classes.