The $20 Friend

Tonya and Grace at Crystal Lake Lodge.
Tonya and Grace at Crystal Lake Lodge.
Tonya and Grace at Crystal Lake Lodge.

If you are struggling, just to make it through another day and you have dreams, you need a $20 friend. 

A $20 friend is a friend who is struggling with you and you both believe in each other. No matter how difficult life is you laugh and see the humor in the moment. Most of  all you both know that this too shall pass. 

All through life’s challenges,  you made a silent pact that you both are going to make it, no matter what, together.  You are in the investor for each others lives.

For us it was $20, for you and your friend it may be any denomination — $50, $100 or $500.

The $20-friend gives you $20 when you need it. And when your $20-friend needs $20, you give $20 back.  We consider it our investment in each other.

Grace is my $20 friend.  We have been giving each other the same $20 back and forth throughout the years.  It is given unconditionally and we have no parameters on how it is spent.  We have used  the $20 to buy gas, make the co-pay on a prescription, milk and cereal for the kids, night out with girls, a latte and scone at Starbucks and even chicken nuggets for the kids. Red roses, birthday presents, and organic food splurge are just some quality-of-life expenditures we have made during the years.

The $20 has bravely been tossed into the tithing basket at church when, by appearances, it seemed like we had nothing. 

I highly suggest this for everyone, it completely takes the stress off of you. Use your instincts and heart to choose your $20 friend. You may already know that person.   

I am not sure when we first began investing $20 into each other, but the return on investment has been amazing, along  with all of laughter, shared tears, heartbreaks and  sharing of life problems.

I am happy to say that we have made it through graduate school and opening our private practice this year in 2015. We made it, Grace!! We did it! We made the impossible, possible.