Crystal Lake Lodge

Testimonials from the Joyous Prosperity
2015 Spring Women’s Retreat


Exquisite Life Academy hosted its first Joyous Prosperity Women’s Retreat of 2015 at Crystal Lake Lodge in May, with eight guests and five facilitators. The Spring Retreat event was a success and deep friendships were formed. Below is a sample of the testimonials gathered at the retreat’s end.

If you’re interested in attending a retreat, register early for the Harvest Retreat, set for October 2015. Early registration ensures your place in the lodge, although the rustic cabins at Crystal Lake are also peaceful and comfortable.



“What a lovely weekend! We had a nice balance of structure vs. structured time. The food was plentiful and delicious. The break-out sessions were well presented and I found Rachel’s workshop on journaling a great reminder and the exercises we did were powerful. Tonya’s session was also powerful and deeply moving— giving a different perspective on healing our sexuality. Robin is passionate and informative. The setting is beautiful. I enjoyed getting to know everyone. Thank you!”


“The weekend was beyond words….. the serenity of the Crystal Lake…the power of the women… the life force of the food… all my senses were awakened. The weekend was better than I could have possibly imagined! Each workshop was a wealth of information that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Tonya and Robin for such a peaceful, transformational weekend. I really can’t thank you enough!! Love you both!


“Loved this retreat! It was amazing, beautiful and powerful. I came to escape from the chaos of this life and be recharged and filled with love and power. I feel stronger and more alive. Thank you for all of your love and commitment. I look forward to growing in love with new friends and can’t wait to come back. Everything was awesome! Don’t change a thing! Love you!”


“This was a wonderful experience. I appreciate the diversity of lives and experiences of the participants. I liked being able to do everything instead of having to choose one over the other. Food, of course, was delicious. Thank you for all that you have done here.


“Loved it. Enjoyed the small group setting. Thank you for the opportunity to rest and retreat. Keep changing lives.”


“This weekend for me has been rest and relaxation due to my extremely busy schedule. I found the retreat to be an open platform for sharing, discussions and decisions. I enjoyed the flexibility and professional lifestyles which allowed each individual to be viewed from a different aspect. I would have liked a more in detail workshop. Overall, my expectations were met.”


“I’ve chronic back stress with tightness. It’s practically melted away this weekend. The sharing and realization I’m not alone on many issues was freeing– therapeutic. I loved everything being at the main lodge with a simple format and offering of workshops. I feel there was a more deeply felt bonding with others. The weekend felt like being away for a month—in just a few days I feel renewed. I feel ready to re-enter reality with a more healthy approach to life. The music was awesome. Every contribution was meaningful and excellent.”


“This retreat was perfect for me. Every way, there is absolutely no constructive criticism for you! Sorry 🙂 You, Robin, Rachael and Henrietta have both offered new knowledge and have reaffirmed my feminine power base and have helped me to REAL- IZE the necessity of nurturing Holly. I do love me!”


Words seem inadequate.
I barely know what to say.
I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
For everything was as it was meant to be, I believe.
A strong group of empowering women.
Amazing classes.
Intimate settings.
Healthy foods.
Relationship building.
Supportive talks.
Intuitive gestures.
Real life situations.
Gratitude runs deep.
You have changed my world.
You have changed my life.
I am centered.
I am grounded.
I am safe.
I am loved.
Thank you.
From the depths of my soul,
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.