Narcissistic Support For Men

If you are in a dangerous relationship, trust your instincts and create a safety plan.

Trust your instincts, you know your partner and situation best. Trust that you know how to get out of this relationship safely.


Create a safety plan .   This is the most important thing you will do. It helps you think proactively for future dangerous situations. Stay alive.


Safety Planning

This is what a narcissistic argument sounds like.. Does this sound familiar?

Argument between a narcissistic wife and husband.

Sell your car

This is the best practical information about narcissistic behaviors I have found so far.

Narcissistic Support


This is from a male perspective.

Male Perspective for NPD


From Dr. Stephen Johnson of  The Los Angeles  Center for Men.

Why Men Fall for Dangerous Relationships.


A little perspective of how dangerous relationships are created.

Cycle of Violence

Cycle of Violence