Tonya Anderson has been offering retreats more more than a decade, enlightening and improving people’s lives in the process. As owner and operator of An Exquisite Life, she offers advice and wisdom to countless individuals. She also is the owner of Exquisite Life Academy and Joyous Prosperity Retreats, extensions of her successful coaching service.


2015 Joyous Retreats

  • Joyous Prosperity Women’s Retreat  (Tonya Anderson)
  • Joyous Prosperity Harvest Retreat (Tonya Anderson)

2014 Joyous Retreat

  • Joy of Living Retreat (Tonya Anderson and Angela Miele)
  • Ultimate Money Goddess Bali Retreat (Morgana Rae and Tonya Anderson)

2010 Joyous Retreat

  • Joyous Prosperity Sacred Women’s Retreat (Tonya Anderson and Cecilia Carson)

2009 Joyous Retreat

  • You Are the Gift (Tonya Anderson)

2008 Joyous Retreat

  • You Are the Gift (Tonya Anderson and Cecilia Carson)

Thank you showing us what authentic self love is. We appreciate the gifts, the stories and eight weeks of greatness. May peace be with you and may the rest our lives be filled with all of the exquisite things we have learned. Because of you, we have learned great things about ourselves and each other. We will cherish it all and we would like to leave you with these two wonderful words, THANK YOU!
The retreat was very relaxing and calming to the soul.
I know me better. Your program made me happy and helped me realize how wonderful I truly can be.
(This is the) Omega Institute in my own backyard. I must take advantage!
You are an amazing inspiration to my soul. I wouldn’t have made it thru my hard times without you talking me thru. You are like an angel to me, and for that I will always love you.
You feel safe to be yourself in her presence and just BE. Her energies give you the feeling of being nurtured and cared for as you go through her teachings and exercises.
Tonya Anderson helped me realize that even after 30 years of marriage, Romance Is Real! Thanks to her, my husband and I are happier in love than we’ve been in years.