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Joyous Prosperity

Spring 2016

Give yourself permission to rest and listen to your soul at the Joyous Prosperity Women’s Retreat at Crystal Lake Lodge in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. Spend the weekend immersed in joyful adventure and peace of mind. Use this wonderful opportunity to become inspired. Join our tribe of Exquisite Women, be enlightened, and change your life!

Be Joyous, Be Prosperous

Join us at the
Joyous Prosperity Retreat for Women

I’ve chronic back stress with tightness. It’s practically melted away this weekend. The weekend felt like being away for a month. In just a few days I feel renewed. I feel ready to re-enter reality with a more healthy approach to life. Every contribution was meaningful and excellent.
This weekend has been rest and relaxation due to my busy schedule. I found the retreat to be an open platform for sharing, discussions and decisions. I enjoyed the flexibility and professional lifestyles, which allowed each individual to be viewed from a different aspect.
This was a wonderful experience. I appreciate the diversity of lives and experiences of the participants. I liked being able to do everything instead of having to choose one over the other. Food, of course, was delicious. Thank you for all that you have done here.
Loved this retreat! It was amazing, beautiful and powerful. I came to escape from the chaos of this life and be recharged and filled with love and power. I feel stronger and more alive. I look forward to growing in love with new friends and can’t wait to come back.
The weekend was beyond words… the serenity of the Crystal Lake… the power of the women… the life force of the food… all my senses were awakened. Each workshop was a wealth of information that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I really can’t thank you enough!
What a lovely weekend! We had a nice balance of structure vs. structured time. The food was plentiful and delicious. The break-out sessions were well presented and I found Rachel’s workshop on journaling a great reminder and the exercises we did were powerful.
This retreat was perfect for me. Every way, there is absolutely no constructive criticism for you!! Sorry 🙂 You have offered new knowledge and have reaffirmed my feminine power base and have helped me to REAL- IZE the necessity of nurturing Holly. I do love me!

Joyous Prosperity Women’s Retreats feature journal-therapy workshops that focus on your body and soul.

In addition to the three enlightening workshops, the weekend will be filled with serenity and pampering. You’ll enjoy rose-petal foot massages, meditations, a bonfire with s’mores, a guided star walk, and connections with heart-minded women. There are joyful outdoor activities, immense freedom, and quiet moments for you to “get away from it all” and write to your heart’s content. This retreat is about you and nurturing your creative soul.

We believe Life is Exquisite and all people have a divine right to joy, peace and knowledge. We share our collective wisdom and sacred teachings through workshops and private sessions. Experience the joy in living.

How do you know if this retreat is right for you?  How do you know if you need body and soul restoration? Ask yourself if you would like to:

  • Discover your joyous self.
  • Luxuriate in nature and adventure.
  • Recognize the true prosperity in your life.
  • Create deep, authentic relationships with heart-minded women.
  • Unleash your creative, sensual self in a safe, joy-filled environment.

If any of these ideas sound inspiring, then register for the Joyous Prosperity Retreat for Women and discover how to create the things you care most about in life – expanding your creativity, exploring a path to health and wellness, improving relationships and and experiencing genuine intimacy.

Like many of us, you are at a turning point and you have the ability to shape your future.

The Joyous Prosperity Retreat for Women features special journal-therapy workshops that focus on your body and soul.

Journal therapy focuses on your internal experiences, thoughts and feelings, and uses reflective writing to receive mental and emotional clarity, validate your experiences and come to a deeper understanding of yourself.


Dr. Rachael Hungerford’s workshop, Memoir to the Self, will provide discussion of  many reasons to journal: reasons to record the events and emotions of your life, how to make  better and more efficient use of your time and energy, how to extend your creativity, how to explore and improve relationships and how to address life issues such as grief, divorce, job changes, moving, retirement and family interactions.

Workshop participants will learn a variety of journaling techniques such as sprints, dialogs, captured moments, unsent letters and if time permits creative meditation.  All written work may be shared though sharing is always an option. All work is confidential.

Dr. Hungerford is a retired professor from Lycoming College where she served as chair of the education program. She taught methods courses and several women’s studies courses.  Every course she taught had a strong writing component. She also teaches memoir writing workshops. She holds a certificate from The Center for Journal Therapy, Boulder, CO. which allow her to teach Journal to the Self Workshops to groups and individuals.

On the web at:

Assistant Professor Emeritus of Education, Lycoming College
A.A., Cayuga County Community College
B.S., State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts/Amherst


Tonya AndersonTonya Anderson’s workshop on Healthy, Happy Home will answer the eternal question. “How will creating my Happy, Healthy Home create more joy in my life?”

Life is full of challenges, divorce, illness, job loss, rebellious teenagers, yet, there is no place like home. This workshop will assist you in making it a happier, healthier home. Everyone deserves a sanctuary, a reward. This class will give you the steps.

Tonya Anderson is the founder of An Exquisite Life, and offers counseling, workshops, conferences and sacred circles for men, women and teens. She is a true advocate for the power of joy and its ability to heal all of life’s traumas and PTSD.  A lifelong student of God/Love, she is a shaman by initiation, lover of Christ and a seasoned facilitator of joy. She is living her heaven on earth, living and writing in Williamsport, PA and is the proud mother of her son, AJ.  

On the web at:

B.S. Public Administration  University of Hawaii
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling in PTSD (pending)
Certified Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Counselor Advocate


Robin Van Auken

Facilitated by Robin Van Auken, The Hero’s Journey is a discussion and journaling workshop that allows the attendee to explore storytelling from the use of creative mythology. Using techniques developed by Joseph Campbell, Van Auken will introduce the concept of the Hero’s Journey not only in writing, but in everyday life.

Some of us are at the beginning of the journey, some are in the middle, while others are nearing the end. Heroic journeys can be long and complicated and include great joy and great sorrow, but sometimes they’re as simple as a trip to the grocery store.

You’ll learn how to recognize the journey, recognize the archetypes in the people you meet along the journey, and accept that you are the Hero on the journey. Knowing this helps you not only understand where you’ve been and why certain events occurred, but even predict what will happen next and prepare you to meet life’s challenges with hope, courage and optimism.

Robin Van Auken is an anthropologist and published writer, having authored ten non-fiction history books and six novels. She began her career as a journalist, before pursuing advanced degrees in anthropology. She combines her interests in communication and culture as an educator and workshop facilitator. She teaches communications at Lycoming College.

On the web at:

Adjunct Instructor, Lycoming College
A.A., St. Petersburg College 
B.A., University of South Florida
M.A., University of South Florida

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Crystal Lake and Laughlin Lodge

Crystal Lake is nestled in the heart of the Endless Mountains, where the views are spectacular and, well, endless.

Driving up the mountain, you leave distractions behind and enter a world that is conducive to fellowship, adventure, reflection and renewal. All the lakes, trails, wetlands and woods are yours to explore.

You’ll retreat at the charming and rustic 100-year-old Laughlin Lodge, which offers peaceful views of Crystal Lake. In the expansive living room, you will find a wall-to-wall library of books and leather couches in front of a grand stone fireplace – the perfect place for curling up with a good book.

The other side of this great room includes a dining room table that can accommodate up to 15 people, a wood stove, a chess table and a hutch full of board games.

Take the handcrafted, Adirondack-style wooden staircase upstairs to the bedrooms (single and shared) with stunning views of the lake or the surrounding woods from every window.

Head out to the wrap-around stone porch to sit in the rocking chairs and enjoy a fantastic view of Crystal Lake, just a few feet away.

On Saturday, we’ve included several outdoor activities in which you can partake, or you can tuck yourself away in a quiet corner and write to your heart’s content. You can take a canoe out onto the lake, gather around the bonfire at dusk, and then join us on a guided star walk and gasp in amazement at the deep, black sky and brilliant stars. On the mountain, the stars seem so close, you could dip your finger in the Milky Way.

Spring Retreat


Vanessa Hunter and Grace Emma are Retreat Angels. They are on hand to facilitate the ease of the retreat, answer your questions, address your concerns, be a friend, say a prayer. Their presence makes the retreat divine.
Vanessa Hunter

Vanessa Hunter

“My personal philosophy is simply Peace and Love; we meet people where they are with no judgments because everyone is a child of the universe, worthy of love and forgiveness.”

Vanessa Hunter is a Social and Economic Empowerment Director at the YWCA and has counseled women for 18 years.  She received a Master’s Degree  from Lincoln University and served in the capacity of counselor, advocate and educator.  She is a student of “A Course In Miracles” and has been guided to provide humble service and unconditional love to everyone.  She is an empty-nesting mother of three extraordinary daughters, one granddaughter and one grandson.

B.A., Cheney University
M.A., Lincoln University

Grace Emma

Grace Emma

“My passion is to empower people to overcome their personal challenges in order to live their dreams.”

Grace Emma is a Solution-based Therapist in private practice. She is the founder of “Live Your Dreams,” which empowers people to take steps forward and overcome obstacles to Live Their Dreams!

B.A., University of Colorado
M.A., University of Phoenix

Now in our 15th year and counting, Exquisite Life presents another Joyous Prosperity Women’s Retreat.

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