For Men Only

For Men only.. A sanctuary for men who have experienced abusive relationships.

The men I am talking about can be yourself, your father, son, brother, family member, co worker, or neighbor.


We all know men who are being or have been abused by a partner.   Here is help.

My guess is that men are abused by their partners just as much as women are abused.  The difference is,  society is being educated about abuse against women and children. There are more resources and laws for women and children.  I respect the agencies and organizations for women and children.

This page is dedicated to the men in my life who have been abused by women.

It is especially difficult for men who have been in the military, law enforcement and other male environments and/or have children to obtain help.

 Where are the support systems for men with children?

This page will be for men, the information is free of charge.

If you email me and tell me you would like to participate in a support group for men, I will create one. It can be in my Montoursville Office,  or Online.

Violence is violence.  Some men are violent, some women are violent.


This page is designed to help you navigate an abusive relationship with safety, respect and dignity.

Tonya Anderson


If you are in a dangerous relationship, trust your instincts and create a safety plan.

Trust your instincts, you know your partner and situation best. Trust that you know how to get out of this relationship safely.

Create a safety plan .   This is the most important thing you will do. It helps you think proactively for future dangerous situations. Stay alive.

Safety Planning

This is what a narcissistic argument sounds like.. Does this sound familiar?

Argument between a narcissistic wife and husband.

Sell your car

This is the best practical information about narcissistic behaviors I have found so far.

Narcissistic Support

This is from a male perspective.

Male Perspective for NPD

From Dr. Stephen Johnson of  The Los Angeles  Center for Men.

Why Men Fall for Dangerous Relationships.

A little perspective of how dangerous relationships are created.

Cycle of Violence

Cycle of Violence