Are you grieving the loss of a loved one who committed suicide?

Have you suffered the trauma of abuse or sexual assault?

Are you experiencing the effects of PTSD?


If any of these answers are yes, I can help you. I facilitate the healing of individuals and groups challenged by traumatic life events, using sacred therapies, personal experience and professional training as a therapist.

All of my work incorporates unconditional Love, Peace and Joy, and most importantly, God’s Grace. My expertise is in suicide awareness, and facilitating the healing of PTSD and sexual abuse, as well as grief, men’s issues, relationship counseling, and spiritual self-inquiry.

I’m available for keynote speeches, public speaking to groups (large or small — especially college and university student groups), retreats, workshops and private counseling. Guidance is rendered via at-home visits, telephone and online consultations. 

As a service to the community and as my schedule permits, I also work with clients on a pro bono and sliding-scale basis.

Contact me now to begin your sacred  journey

Your life and experiences are held sacred and confidential.